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“Wax on, right hand.  Wax off, left hand.

Wax on, wax off.

Breathe in through nose, out the mouth.

Wax on, wax off.

Don’t forget to breathe, very important”

-Mr Miyagi

Body waxing is not some modern craze, the ancient Egyptian women kicked off the trend of smooth, hairless bodies setting the standard for beauty.  They used depilatory creams and emulsions of honey and oil, now called sugaring.  The Greeks and Romans followed preferring to pluck, OUCH.

Further down the time line, the invention of the bikini, models, athletic fads and the adult film industry brought back the ideal of hair removal.  Then with the thanks to Sex and the City, the Brazilian Wax became one of the most popular waxing trends.

Waxing is the specialty at Kate Stapleton Beauty, and it is the objective to ensure all clients are happy and at ease during all stages of their treatment.  Kate Stapleton Beauty uses LycoTec XXX Hot Wax, perfect for Brazilian waxing and Mancine Pure Olive Oil Stripe Wax, a natural, soothing wax perfect for sensitive skin leaving no sticky residue.



Pre Wax

If you are new to waxing or have sensitive skin, a good idea is to ask for a Test Patch.  Some people can be allergic to some ingredients in wax and by applying a small patch of wax on your arm can ease your mind, and help any fear about the pain..

Very important for anyone of Acne medication, is to inform your Therapist before undertaking any waxing or exfoliation treatment as there can be complications.  The medications can thin and waxing can remove skin.  Please consult with your GP and avoid waxing and exfoliation for 6-12 months after stopping your medication.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can heighten sensitivity.  I know a shot of Vodka sounds like a good idea.

Avoid getting sunburn.  It’s never a good idea to get any waxing done on areas affected by sun exposure, but it will also be more painful.

Avoid using ice as a means to numb the skin, this tightens the pores making it harder to remove the hair.

Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells as well as ensuring better grip of short hairs.  Try using exfoliating gloves with a small amount of your favourite body scrub in circular motions.

For Bikini and Brazilian Wax, wear comfortable cotton underwear, this will help prevent rubbing, sweating and ingrown hairs.  Also make sure the hair length is at least 8mm, trimming the hair before you come for your wax really helps your Therapist.

Plan your waxing appointment a couple days before or after your menstrual cycle.  It’s good general hygiene and the fluctuation of hormones can heighten sensitivity.

And PLEASE go to a Professional.



Post Wax

Post wax care is the most important part of the process.  It’s all about the things you should not do, especially after any body waxing.

Avoid saunas, steam rooms, chlorine, exercise, sun exposure, sunbeds, perfumed body lotions, and deodorant.

Avoid having showers that are too hot.

Avoid touching waxed area so to prevent any bacteria getting into opened pores.

It’s a good idea to abstain from sex.  So plan your waxing appointment at least 24hrs before any special occasion.

Light exfoliation 48hrs after waxing treatment will assist in preventing ingrown hairs.

Moisturise waxed area with antiseptic cream, such as tea tree oil or aloe vera to prevent dry, flaky skin causing ingrown hairs.


Waxing doesn’t have to be a nightmare, so by following these tips and trying to stay relaxed in your next waxing should be easier.  A relaxing environment and soothing music will contribute to keeping you relaxed.  A great distraction is a good conversation and a Therapist that supports and soothes the skin.


Book your next waxing appointment with Kate Stapleton Beauty and experience the difference.


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